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Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

by / Wednesday, 19 March 2014 / Published in Kitchens, Remodeling, Remodeling Tips & Advice
small kitchen cabinet ideas

Apply These Small Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas To Improve Your Small Kitchen

A lot of life happens in modern kitchens. The kitchen is no longer a room meant solely for cooking. Modern kitchens have become a favorite gathering spot to entertain family and friends. Do you feel that you are missing out on modern living because your kitchen is too small? Adding an addition or simply moving to a home with a larger kitchen may not be feasible options.  Use the slides below to get helpful remodeling design ideas that will maximize the space and usability of your small kitchen.

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Open Floor Plan

In modern floor plans, kitchens flow seamlessly into the adjacent rooms. If you want your kitchen to be larger than you need to do just that. Knock down a wall and make that tiny kitchen larger. The flexibility of an open floor plan will change the way you use your kitchen. Consider adding a breakfast bar or a kitchen island to divide the kitchen without having a wall barrier.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

If you can’t build out, then build up.  All small kitchens should have floor to ceiling cabinets.  In smaller kitchens, cabinet space is at a premium so you cannot afford to waste any space. Floor to ceiling cabinets are an excellent way to get that much needed extra storage space.  You may have to keep a stepstool handy to reach the top shelves.  But at least everything will have a proper place in your newly remodeled kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Downsize Appliances

Every small kitchen seem to have the bulkiest refrigerators possible. You will have to give up that massive fridge if your small kitchen floor plan will not allow for it. They make 24″ deep refrigerators. So you may need to stay away from 30″ deep refrigerators. Focus on proportionate appliances that work. If you have limited counter-space, then your microwave needs to be off the countertops and built into the wall cabinets.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Upscale Finishes

If your budget allows for it, choose all high-end finishes. The right materials will surely take the focus off the small kitchen size and draw interest to the design finishes. You may not have sprawling countertops or cabinets with ample storage space. But your small kitchen can have eye catching granite and fabulous cabinets. The good news is that your small kitchen with high-end finishes may cost less than large kitchens with builder-grade finishes.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Add More Light

Small kitchens need as much light as possible to make them feel larger. Kitchens need three types of lighting; general lighting for the entire room, task lighting, and accent lighting.

For general kitchen lights use many ceiling can lights.  We always install our kitchen can lights on dimmers.  This way the homeowners can choose the right amount of light needed at any particular time.

Under cabinet lights are my favorite accent lights. Under cabinet lights add more light to any kitchen. But they also accent tile backsplashes while giving you a better lite workspace.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Add More Light…Again!

I needed two slides to drive the importance of proper lightening in small kitchens.  Your small kitchen can never have too much light.

Think about the areas where the most time is spent and make sure a light is placed there.  The sink should always have a dedicated light above it.  Pendant lights work excellent over breakfast bars and kitchen islands.

Consider using some glass cabinets with accent lights inside the cabinets. You can also add more natural light to your small kitchen by removing any window coverings from your kitchen window.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas- Use Light Colors

Now that you have added more light to your small kitchen, you need to compliment that feature with choosing the right paint color.  Lighter paint colors on kitchen walls or any walls give the illusion of opening up small spaces. This is because light reflects off of lighter colors better than darker colors. The extra light gives an open feel to smaller rooms. This could be an inexpensive fix to give your kitchen a more spacious appearance.


Maybe your small kitchen can never transform into your dream kitchen. But using these helpful design tips your small kitchen can be stunning, efficient, and fully functional.  At first glance your small kitchen may seem like a design challenge. Not all kitchens can boost a grand size but every kitchen has potential with the right design.  To see some of our remodels visit Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Remodeling Contractor.  Let’s us know what you think with your comments below.

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