Small Bathroom Ideas For a Big Impact

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I wrote an article titled, Small Kitchen Design Ideas, which turned out to be a very useful article for many readers.  So I thought this week’s post should address small bathroom design ideas.  Some of the same design principles apply to both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

The size of bathrooms in modern homes have nearly doubled compared to older bathrooms.  Today’s homeowners clearly want larger bathrooms.  Homeowners of older homes with small bathrooms need to get creative with their bathroom design.  Careful design and layout is the only way to make a compact bathroom work for a modern lifestyle.  The goal is to make your small bathroom more functional, while also adding to the overall aesthetics.  Find some inspiration from these featured small bathroom ideas and add them to your bathroom design scheme.

Your bathroom may have minimum square footage, but it can have maximum appeal!

#1 Small Bathroom Ideas- Frameless Glass Shower Doors

small milwaukee bathroom contractor

Frameless Glass Shower Door Showcasing Tilework

If you can’t actually make your bathroom larger, the next best thing is to give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Glass shower enclosures give the illusion of space in a small bathrooms by allowing sight-lines from one end of the bathroom room to the other.  With shower curtains or frosted glass, the broken sight-lines make the already small bathroom appear even smaller.  Furthermore, the frameless glass shower doors give you the opportunity to showcase the shower tilework.

#2 Small Bathroom Ideas- Install A Pocket Door

Milwaukee, WI bathroom remodeling

Pocket Door With A Mirror Panel

A Pocket door is a door that slides from inside the adjacent wall cavity.  Adding a pocket door will make an immense impact on the overall layout of your small bathroom.  The current dead-space behind your door will now be useful space with the addition of a pocket door.  Ditch those standard doors, and add pocket doors to your bathroom remodeling to-do list.

#3 Small Bathroom Ideas- Crown Molding

Milwaukee,WI bathroom remodeling contractor

Small bathroom remodel with crown molding.

Installing crown molding is a great design feature for any room.  But it works especially well in small bathrooms.  Crown molding draws your eyes up to the ceiling.  This is important in small rooms because drawing your attention up, gives the illusion of a bigger space.  Add a touch of class to your small bathroom by installing crown molding.

#4 Small Bathroom Ideas- Floating Vanities

small bathroom ideas floating vanities

Floating Vanity With Vessel Sink in Small Half Bath.

Make your small bathroom feel slightly larger by installing a floating vanity.  This creative spin on a traditional fixture will free up floor space.  The extra visible floor space will create the illusion of more square footage in your bathroom.

#5 Small Bathroom Ideas- Install Tile Diagonally

milwaukee bathroom contractor

Tiled installed diagonally With Marble Insets.

Tile design is the most important feature in any sized bathroom.  Add some visual Interest to your floor tile by having them installed turn on a diagonal angle.  Tiled installed diagonally can make rooms appear larger.  By contrast, tile installed in the standard way can create a boxed-in feel in small rooms.  Tile installed at a 45 degree angle is much more aesthetically pleasing and creates a more custom look.  Installing your tile at an angle will cost a little more but is well worth the extra money.

#6 Small Bathroom Ideas- Add More Light

bathroom remodel design idea

Bathroom Sconce Vanity Lights.

Proper lighting can set the right mood in any sized room. Lighting is especially important in creating the right ambiance in small bathrooms.  Bright lights will open up your small bathroom.  We have been installing more and more sconce lights above vanities.  You want a shower-rated light inside your shower to illuminate your nice tile work.  Amplify your new light fixtures by choosing a light colored wall paint.  Light colors work better in small rooms because they reflect light well.

#7 Small Bathroom Ideas- Open Shelving

Milwaukee bathroom remodeling

Small Bathroom With Open Floating Shelving.

Linen closets are layout killers in small bathrooms.  For the optimal layout, you need to balance the dimensions of every item in the bathroom. Oftentimes linen closets eat up too much space in your small bathroom’s layout.  Demolish your existing linen closet and transform it into open shelving.  Open shelving makes small bathrooms appear bigger by allowing you to see all the way to the wall.

#8 Small Bathroom Ideas- Recessed Storage Nooks

bathroom remodeling ideas

Recessed Tiled Nook.

Recessed storage saves much needed room both inside the shower and outside the shower.  We always implement recessed tiled soap nooks into our bathroom shower design.  We have recently taken that same design and installed recessed storage near the bathroom vanity.  Homeowners love this clutter-free look.

#9 Small Bathroom Ideas- High-End Materials

bathroom remodel Milwaukee, WI

Luxury High-End Bathroom.

Are there any advantages in having a small bathroom?  Absolutely, you can purchase all high-end materials without breaking the bank.  Remodeling a small bathroom means you only need a small amount of material.  Make sure you choose the best tile for your bathroom.  Or maybe a granite slab for the vanity will make you forget about how confined your bathroom seemed before your remodel.

Even Your Small Bathroom Can Be Stunning

Don’t get discouraged with your current small bathroom.  Visit Milwaukee, WI bathroom remodeling to get more pictures and ideas for your new bathroom.  Your bathroom may have minimum square footage, but it can have maximum appeal!  With the right design your small bathroom can have all the essentials without feeling crowed.  Do you think your small bathroom can be more functional with these remodeling design ideas?  Your comments are welcomed below….

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