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5 Common Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 by
remodeling mistakes to avoid

Remodeling your home can improve your lifestyle and showcase your personality.  We all want to make our homes more beautiful.  But renovations can easily be problematic if homeowners are not aware of possible stumbling blocks.  Let’s take a look at 5 common mistakes that homeowners often make.  But more importantly let’s examine how you can

Compare The Best Decking Material   Oftentimes the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is which decking material is the best to use.  The prices from the cheapest to the most expensive decking material is; pressure treated decks, cedar decks, composite decks, PVC decks, Ipe decks.  Composite decks and PVC decks are

Completed Kitchen Condo Remodel | Milwaukee, WI | Landmark On The Lake Condo

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Pictures By Bowles Group, LLC The Bowles Group, LLC recently completed this remodeling project at Landmark on the Lake Condominiums in Milwaukee, WI. This luxury sky-rise condominium complex is located in a prominent area of Milwaukee, WI overlooking Lake Michigan.  This unit was begging to be remodeled so it could match

HGTV DIY Network remodeling

Have you ever watched a show featuring a renovation project on DIY Network or HGTV?  These programs turn a homeowner who is a complete novice into a remodeling expert in a 30 minute show.  After watching the project run quickly and smoothly on television, you may be eager to start your own remodeling project.  Although these programs make for entertaining television and high ratings, the reality is that most homeowners will rarely get the results that you see from these shows.  Are you a homeowner that can tackle a major remodeling project or is it best to leave it to the professionals?