People With Special Needs Require Special Contractors!

Seniors will receive a 5% discount on all remodel labor.

Seniors will receive a 5% discount on all remodel labor.

Senior Home Remodeling and ADA Handicapped Accessibility

If you or a family member has a disability or has limitations due to age, you need a qualified ADA remodeling contractor. The Bowles Group is excellent at solving home & commercial design challenges for people with disabilities in the Milwaukee area.  It is important that your contractor be well versed with all of the ADA handicapped complaint regulations.  If these standards are not followed correctly.  It could make it unnecessary challenging for people with special needs or may even lead to personal injury.

ADA Remodeling: It’s All About Easy Accessibility

With age there may be some newly required physical limitations.  But independence and easy accessibility remains very important.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as relocating the laundry room to the first level to avoid stairs.  Other times it is better suited to redesign the entire house for a person facing too many challenges in their current home layout.

Do ADA Compliance Standards Apply to Me?

ADA features do not necessary only have to apply to people with special needs. If you are planning a remodel makeover soon, why not include some ADA universal design features? Many ADA compliant regulations can often be implemented into your remodel design without a major change in layout or without a dramatic increase in price. For example you may choose to install grab bars or widen doorways because it makes it easier for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Handicap Wheelchair Ramp

Hiring a qualified contractor is paramount when deciding to build a wheelchair ramp.  A well-built handicapped ramp will provide safety and added independence for their users.  Whereas an inexperienced ramp

Handicapped Ramp | Milwaukee, WI

Handicapped Ramp | Milwaukee, WI

contractor may unknowingly create dangerous handicapped ramps.

It is amazing how many wheelchair ramps are built improperly and below required code standards.  The most common building error of inexperienced contractors is building a ramp that is steeper than the required 1:12 slope.  Make sure you chose a contractor that knows and follows all the regulations to keep your family safe.

ADA Remodeling: Bowles Group & Wisconsin IRIS Program

The Wisconsin IRIS Program provides assistance for the elderly and adults with physical limitations.  Pictured is a project that we did through the Wisconsin IRIS Program. The resident had special needs which required assistance from a caregiver. We designed this bathroom layout so the caregiver could easily provide assistance from outside the shower area. This bathroom also has plenty of personality because ADA handicapped accessibility does not have to kill the warm feeling of your home.


ADA Remodeling: Entire Home Remodeling For Easy Accessibility

Not only have we built numerous handicapped wheelchair ramps, we have also remodeled single level homes specifically designed for independent living.  People with

special needs require special contractors!  For some people stairs become too big of a challenge, so we sometimes redesign their home with the master suite on the main level.  We have found that elderly people are often uneasy with the thought of moving from a home that they love, but are very receptive to altering their current home to make it more functional for their needs.

Make Your Home More Accessible!

The Bowles Group has transformed many Milwaukee homes using universal accessibility for seniors and the disabled. Contact Us and let us build a personalized remodeling plan for you. You or your loved ones can regain comfort and independence with a well design remodeling plan.