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Milwaukee Basment remodeling

Meet The Author | Jeff Bowles


I own a general construction firm based out of Milwaukee, WI.  I wanted to start a blog to share some of my thoughts and experiences as a general contractor.  There are always countless decisions that a homeowner must make when remodeling their home and the process can sometimes be a challenging experience.  Hopefully my blog will be of some assistance.


I come from a family of hard working entrepreneurs, so naturally I decided to start my own venture a few years after graduating from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.  My greatest satisfaction is knowing that my talents and hard work are being used to help make peoples’ lives more enjoyable.  I am very blessed to be one of those rare people who actually enjoy getting up everyday to go to work.  It never gets old to witness the transformation that a structure goes through during the construction process.  Although sometimes challenging, I truly enjoy all of the challenges that come with being a general contractor.  I am committed to building my company and delivering the best services possible to all of my clients.


My mission is to create a forum for a useful dialog between homeowners and contractors.  Homeowners need a resource that discusses general remodeling topics and a place to get honest answers about their remodeling concerns.  In return I feel that having this web site will keep me more in touch with homeowners’ concerns, which will ultimately assist me in providing a better service for my clients.


I will respond to all comments left on this blog and I encourage any questions that you may have.


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