What DIY Network and HGTV Don’t Want You to Know!

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HGTV DIY Network remodeling

Have you ever watched a show featuring a renovation project on DIY Network or HGTV?  These programs turn a homeowner who is a complete novice into a remodeling expert in a 30 minute show.  After watching the project run quickly and smoothly on television, you may be eager to start your own remodeling project.  Although these programs make for entertaining television and high ratings, the reality is that most homeowners will rarely get the results that you see from these shows.  Are you a homeowner that can tackle a major remodeling project or is it best to leave it to the professionals?


Remember that these programs are just TV shows and are not always what they seem.  Although I do not think that the networks are ill intentioned, I do believe that they are often misleading on how easy these projects are for your average homeowners. These networks are in the business of creating interesting television as their main objective and any actual useful information that they pass along to the viewer is secondary.  Furthermore, all of these shows have your novice homeowner working beside a seasoned professional.  You most likely won’t have that luxury.  Sure you may be able to shock yourself at the results that you were able to accomplish under the watchful eye of a professional, but what are you going to do when there is no professional watching over you making sure you avoid any major pitfalls?


We recently completed a basement remodel project that the homeowner attempted to complete with no professional help.  Major mistake!  They told me about how they watched a show on DIY Network and they made it look so easy and they were ready to save so much money.  This is not the first time that I have heard this and it surly won’t be the last time either.  Instead of saving money, they ended up spending more money because we had to fix major problems that they created during their attempted renovation.  Although their mistake ended up making more money for my remodeling company, I wouldn’t wish this misfortune on any homeowner.  If you begin a project and you quickly realize that you are in over your head, there is nothing wrong with calling a professional before you create any unnecessary damage to your home.


Some aspects of your remodeling project you may very well be able to handle with no assistance from your contractor.  For example, I often encourage homeowners to do the painting their self if they are looking to save a buck.  However, even a task as simple as painting can go wrong if done improperly.  You won’t be saving any money with a blotchy, uneven paint job.  Know your limitations and choose your do-it-yourself projects wisely.


I believe that even the networks knew that they were misleading the viewers, so they decided to come out with a show called Renovations Realities.  This is the only show that I have seen that features a more realistic overview of a typical do-it-yourself home renovation.


I’m not trying to discourage eager do-it-yourself homeowners.  If you believe you have the skills, then go for it!  I simply want homeowners to beware of the ease of the renovation projects that are featured on these networks.  From my experience I have seen many homeowners do very poor quality work or even worse create major damage to themselves or their home.  If you have run into this problem already i’ll start by saying I understand how you must feel; but there is a solution, check out our various remodeling pages  to get a fresh perspective.


I actually enjoy most remodeling programs because I am passionate about home renovations, but I am able to realize that these shows are clearly misleading.  What is your opinion of the home renovation shows on DIY Network or HGTV?  Leave a comment below.

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