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Grafton,WI Deck


Deck With Storage Shed Underneath

Bowles Remodeling Company builds about 25-40 decks every year in the Milwaukee, WI area.  Several clients have recently inquired about building a deck with a storage shed underneath.  This week’s featured project is a composite deck with a storage shed under the deck that we built in Grafton, WI.  Use the details from this deck with underneath storage, to get ideas to implement on your new deck. Grafton, WI Deck With Under Storage- Design Features:

Deck With Storage Shed Underneath- Before and After

These Grafton, WI homeowners already had a deck with a storage shed under the deck.  The functionality of their old deck worked pretty well for them.  However, the aesthetics of this deck were in desperate need of help.  We demolished the old deck and built a new composite deck that was a little larger than the original.  The before and after pictures tell the story the best…

The old deck have the function of a under deck storage but was completely lacking aesthetically.

The new deck has both functionality and style.

Deck With Storage Shed Underneath- Protected Foundation

Water is the worst enemy to a house foundation. We used a two part design system to divert water away from the foundation.  First the concrete was slightly pitched away from the house.  A long concrete ramp directs water all the way down towards the bottom of the deck staircase.  Furthermore, we installed 2 drains inside the deck storage concrete floor.  We excavated trenches for drain tile to divert the water far away from the foundation.  You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting a home’s foundation.  These precautions were easy enough to add to the deck design.

Deck With Storage Shed Underneath- Watertight Storage

The homeowners wanted a completely dry storage space under their deck.  We installed 3/4″ plywood over the deck framing and then added a rubber membrane for waterproofing.  The membrane over the deck is exactly the same process as protecting a flat roof.  After the roof was installed, we used 2×4’s as “deck sleepers.”  Deck sleeper are joist that just lay flat on the deck with no screws through them.  It is important that you do not screw the deck sleepers down through the rubber membrane because the screws would damage the material and create leaks.  It may seem like just laying 2×4’s on top of the membrane is unstable, but this is not the case.  The 2×4’s will get their strength later when the decking is installed.  Once all the decking is installed the system is connected as a unit and will not move.

2×4 deck sleepers placed over rubber roof membrane for a water-tight under deck shed.

Deck With Storage Shed Underneath- Added Flair

We decided to add a little personality to this deck by installing the upper section of the deck in a V-shaped decking design.  And the staircase with square step returns finishes it off nicely.  The lower portion of the deck was installed traditionally because we didn’t want to over do it and make the deck appear too busy.

Deck With Storage Shed Underneath- Much Needed Extra Storage

Almost any home could use an extra storage space.  Especially a dry storage space like this one we built in Grafton, WI.  If your deck is high enough off the ground, then you should consider adding a storage shed underneath your deck.  Building a storage shed under your deck is a perfect way to maximize on this otherwise useless space.  Now your tools and equipment will have their own space.  And maybe you can free up some garage space by having another storage area for your tools and equipment.  Please leave your thoughts below.


Completed Deck With Storage Underneath In Grafton, WI

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