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Know Your Options | Deck Design Ideas and Decking Upgrade Options

by / Wednesday, 26 March 2014 / Published in Decks, Remodeling, Remodeling Tips & Advice
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Make Your Deck Standout With These Decking Options

Are you looking to build a new deck or wanting to add some flair to your existing deck?  There are countless deck upgrade options that you can implement on your deck.  We have built over 200 decks and no two decks were ever the same.  The endless decking options can be overwhelming, so I’ll just focus on the best decking ideas.  If you are looking to compare decking materials, I have written a detailed article that examines the pros and cons of each decking material.  However, this article will focus on upgrade options that can spruce up your deck.  Use some of the following deck ideas to make your deck the best deck in your neighborhood.


Deck Ideas- 45 Degree Angle Decking

Installing deck-boards diagonally at a 45 degree angle is my personal favorite upgrade option.  We have installed countless number of decks using this technique.  Diagonal decks look much better.  But it also makes for a much stronger deck.  When using this technique joist are installed every 12” instead of every 16”.  So both the framing and the decking are going to be a little more costly.  But the end results are well worth it.

Composite decking with a personality. Be creative with your deck design ideas!

Deck Ideas- Fancy Handrails

Glass handrail for unobstructed views.

White handrail is my personal favorite. 

Deck railings can offer more than just much needed safety while on your deck. The right deck railing can make a style statement. Deck railings are one of the most highly visible features on a deck, so you want to make sure they look attractive.  For ultra-modern decks going with stainless steel railings are the sleek choice.  For unobstructed views you may want to consider a glass handrail.

Deck Ideas- Deck Pergola & Gazebos

Enjoying nice weather on your deck is relaxing, but sometimes you need a little shade outside.  This is where pergola, arbors, and gazebos come into play.  It’s nice to have the option of having part of the deck uncovered and another section that shields you form the sun.  You will enjoy outdoor dining under your pergola during the summer months.

Enjoy some shade under a deck pergola.

Deck Ideas- Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden fasteners systems are very popular with modern decking materials. Traditionally deck boards are fastened with screws that go through the face of the decking. Whereas hidden fasteners securely attach the decking with no visible screws through the deck. There are several different kinds of hidden fasteners depending on which decking material that you choose. Hidden fasteners are better looking as there are no unsightly screws visible and they provide a smoother and safer finished deck.

Azek deck with hidden screws we built in Grafton, WI.

Deck Ideas- Deck Lighting

Adding deck lighting is becoming more and more popular. Deck lights are made for both stair risers and post caps.  Deck lights can highlight stairs for added safety.  But I believe they are mostly to enhance the look and feel of your deck.  Add deck lighting as the finishing touch on your new deck.

March marks the beginning of the deck building season for us.  So start thinking of which options you would like to add to your new deck.  I cannot wait for some nice weather to enjoy outdoor living on my deck.  If you would like more deck ideas visit Milwaukee Deck Building Contractor.  Please leave your comments below.

Deck Ideas- Built-In Benches

There can never be enough seating while entertaining on your outdoor deck.  Built-in benches on a deck can offer ample outdoor storage while adding additional seating for your deck. Building the deck benches with the same decking material makes the custom built-in benches look like a part of the deck.  We have built so many built-in deck benches that we have come up with the perfect deck bench plan that is built for comfort.

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