Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Are Nothing Short of Spectacular!

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Are Must-Haves was such a big hit that I decided to do a part 2.  Some of the new bathroom remodel ideas that we have been implementing in our recent designs are nothing short of spectacular. Are you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Browse through the slides below to view some trendy bathroom ideas.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas- Chromatherapy & Aromatherapy

With the emergence of in-home chromatherapy and aromatherapy, the luxurious spa experience can now be enjoyed every single day in the comfort of your own home. Chromatherapy utilizes lights to change the color of the water to suit a mood. Aromatherapy uses a special shower head to dispense a variety of scents adding to your bathing enjoyment. These amenities are becoming increasingly affordable. So get prepared to pamper yourself in your very own spa-like bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas- Heated Towel Racks

Using stylish heated towel racks are another way that homeowners are getting the home spa experience. Steeping out of the shower and grabbing a steaming hot towel will make you feel like you live in a five star resort.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas- Steam Showers

Imagine relaxing after a long day in your very own steam shower. Steam showers have the following benefits:

•Can be an effective treatment for respiratory and sinus conditions. Including asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergies
•Helps the body clean itself of toxins and waste
•Destroys pathogens in the body
•Expands blood vessels and increases circulation revitalizing your body
•Stimulates the immune system
•Increases flexibility
•Enhances skin tone

Bathroom Remodel Ideas- Heated Tile Flooring

Under-floor heating is a relatively new technology that uses radiant heat to warm the floor underneath your bathroom tiles. A nice feature is that the heating system can be set on a timer. Your tile floors will be nice and toasty just in time for your morning shower.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas- Curbless Shower Drains

A curbless shower is one that has no transition from the shower to the bathroom floor. We used to exclusively offer curbless shower drains for our ADA disabled clients. The curbless shower makes it easy for wheelchair users to roll right into the shower area. Elderly people also like them because there is no trip-point when entering the shower. We recently installed a curbless shower for a website designer in Madison, WI. This family wasn’t in the need of ADA accessibility, but they really liked the sleek look that it gave to their bathroom remodel.

So how do we contain the water inside the shower area? The floor is slightly pitched to the shower drain and away from the bathroom floor. The water flows to the least resistant path, which is straight down towards the drain. In addition, we use linear drains that are long and capable of catching a lot of water. Lastly, we use glass shower doors with water-tight door sweeps.


Using these helpful design tips your bathroom can be stunning!.  Enjoy your new bathroom and good luck with your bathroom remodel! Let’s us know what you think with your comments below.

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