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8 Best Basement Finishing Ideas To Use In Your Basement Remodel

by / Thursday, 12 February 2015 / Published in Basements, Remodeling, Remodeling Tips & Advice
germantown, wi Basement remodeling

Are You Ready To Turn Your Underutilized Basement Into A Dream Basement? 

As a basement remodeling contractor, I’m constantly seeing trendy basement design ideas.  Basement finishing has come a long way from yesterday’s wall paneling and ceiling tiles.  Modern basement remodels create a seamless transition from the main level into the finished basement.  Transform your underutilized basement into the basement of your dreams using these stylish basement finishing ideas.


Use the slides below to get inspirational ideas that you can use for your basement remodel.

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Basement Finishing Ideas- Open Staircases

We recently completed a basement remodel in Whitefish Bay, WI with an open staircase design. Having a traditional stairway with drywall on both sides can have an unwelcoming, boxed-in effect. While an open staircase creates a much more open feel for your finished basement. These staircase ideas are essential because they set the tone for your basement as anyone first enters the lower level.

Basement Finishing Ideas- Tray Ceilings

Air ducts and other utilities are often huge obstacles in basement remodeling. A modern design idea to conceal unsightly utilities is to add a basement tray ceiling. A tray ceiling is an architectural design feature that has the center portion of the ceiling recessed higher than the outside ceiling. Lighting and crown molding are common accent features that complement tray ceilings. We recently finished a basement in Germantown, WI with a very nice tray ceiling.

Basement Finishing Ideas- Tile Flooring

Use tile flooring on your basement floor!  Tile floors are the most durable floors to use in basement remodels.  Carpet will get musty smelling over the years and need to be replaced often.  If you invest in a nice tile flooring, you can enjoy your floors for many years without ever needing to replace the flooring.  Furthermore, when the kids accidentally make a mess, it will be less of an issue with a durable tile floor.  If you want to go even further, add heated flooring under your tile floor or maybe a unique tile design.

Basement Finishing Ideas- Kitchenettes

Kitchenettes are becoming more and more popular in basement remodeling. Not having to go upstairs will be very convenient when entertaining in your basement. We have done basement kitchene from a small “snack zone” all the way up to full basement kitchens. Kitchenettes have incredible added value to your home during resale.

Basement Finishing Ideas- Basement Bars

Basement bars have always been an important staple in basement remodeling. Most modern bars that we build for our clients are used more like a kitchen than a traditional bar. It seems like basements are becoming more utilized by the kids and a bar would be out of place. But this is not the case if your “bar” is more of a large sitting area for family and friends. Not to say that a traditional bar wouldn’t be just as appealing to the right homeowners.

Basement Finishing Ideas- Custom Built-Ins

Everyone loves built-ins.  In almost all of our basement remodels we add feature walls, shadow boxes, or recessed nooks.  These creative solutions are very practical and functional.  But I think most people like built-ins because they are visually appealing and make their basement remodels standout.

Basement Finishing Ideas-Egress Windows

Egress windows are an extremely important part of a finished remodeled basement. An egress window can be used as an escape route in emergency situations. They also bring in much needed natural light into dark basements. Building code now requires an egress window for basement living space to be officially included in a home’s square footage. Make sure you add an egress window to your basement remodel. You do not want to put your loved ones in harm’s way if an emergency situation arises.

Basement Finishing Ideas-Hidden Doorways

Virtually all basements have an unfinished portion used mainly for storage and a mechanical room. A good way to forget about this unfinished side of the basement is to have a hidden door leading into the mechanical side of the basement.


Basement Finishing Ideas- Make YOUR Home Better

If your home is in need of extra living space, then remodeling your basement is the perfect solution.  Finishing a basement can cost much less than adding an addition.  Your home already has the space, now you just need to make it a comfortable finished space.   Every basement has great potential with the right remodeling design.  You can transform your unused basement into a central gather place for entertaining.  Use some of our basement finishing ideas to complete your basement remodel.

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